Akcent Festival 2011

The next edition of the Akcent Festival is scheduled for November 17 - 20, 2011.

Special Presentations

From the second day of the festival on, every morning you will have the opportunity to see presentations by the individual directors participating in the Akcent festival. Jana Svobodová will open on Tuesday with the Allstar Refjúdží Company she co-founded, which concentrates on issues with immigration. The renowned Dutch directors Titia Bouwmeester and Ted van Leeuwen, who lead the Haarlem theater company 5ekwartier, will follow them.

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Creative Workshops

The famous Australian director Bagryana Popov and Riet Mellink, head of the Dutch theatre company PeerGrouP, will lead movement and theatre workshops. Bagryana Popov’s workshop will develop out of physical and vocal exercises and story narration. Riet Mellink, whose PeerGrouP creates site-specific projects that usually work in specific natural and street locations, will address working with available space.

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Theatre Shows

The festival will feature three major shows in the great hall of the Archa Theatre: Archa’s “Dance Through the Fence, “3 x A” by Slovakia’s Theatre From the Passage, ,” and “Emigrantes” by VerTeDance. On Monday Archa will present its theatrical mosaic of stories from refugees. On Tuesday at 8:00 pm, don’t miss Theatre From the Passage’s performance full of dance and movement. On Wednesday at 5:00 pm, VerTeDance will perform its dance show, presented from a child’s perspective of refugee issues.



The first night of the festival will end with the music of Mário Bihári. The singer, pianist, accordionist, and clarinetist plays traditional gypsy czardas as well as his own pieces. You can hear him at the Archa Theatre bar on Monday, October 4, at 10:30 pm.
On Wednesday at 9:00 pm, Archa Theatre’s great hall will shake with the multi-genre sounds of the All Star Refjúdží Band. On Thursday, October 7, the festival will begin to end at 9:00 pm with a huge communal jam session at Archa’s bar.


Documentary Films

The Akcent Festival will offer space to documentary films with social themes. The films will be shown every day from 2:00 pm in the small hall of the Archa Theatre.


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Site Specific Projects and Happenings

Theatre with a social slant comes in a broad spectrum of forms and even encompasses events in public that offer the chance to address non-theatrical audiences. This year Akcent offers an improvisational hair salon, musical street comics “Where is My Home?”, the green recultivation of the old Těšnov train station, and the site specific Walk With Me project which the Ultra group prepared specifically for the space of the Holešovice Market. The Multi-site-specific project Prophets of Alphabet (Proroci písma) will introduce the Mamapapa association in the space of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute. Site Specific theatre will also be the theme of a workshop led by Riet Mellink, head of the Dutch company Peer GrouP.


Akcent Logos and Graphics by Toy_Box

The author of this year’s visuals and logos for Akcent is the designer Toy_Box, who has prepared her own comics with a social theme for the festival. From October 4th to 7th her work will be shown in the foyer of the Archa Theatre. From the first day of the festival you will be able to have some of her motifs printed on t-shirts in an onsite printing workshops at Archa which run 3:30 pm to 10:00 pm. The workshop will be led by Punx23 of the SUCK MY DIY collective. www.suckmydiy.biz  


Allstar Refjúdží Company at the Akcent Festival

The Allstar Refjúdží Company which will present several projects at this year’s Akcent festival is a musical-theatrical cooperative which works on immigration issues. The Allstar Refjúdží Company was founded in 2008 by director Jana Svobodová and musician Michael Romanyshyn.

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Akcent supports Guerilla Gardening

Grab your spades and seeds and come help build a garden in Těšnov. A couple decades ago a railway station used to stand in this bizarrely empty spot, and before that it was called The Gardens of Těšnov. On Friday, October 7th at 3:30pm, we can start returning it to its old name.

Or maybe find a new one? The patrons of Těšnov’s Guerilla Gardening are the Akcent Festival and the Archa Theatre.


Cooperation with Inventura

The Inventura civic association, a platform for supporting and presenting the artistic and journalistic work of people with developmental disabilities,has become an important partner of the Akcent Festival. Members of Inventura will film the festival and make a documentary of it.

The Inventura civic association works to provide people with mental handicaps the opportunity to participate in public communication and the media. The project Conquering the Public Space will, among other activities, produce a documentary with the working title Documentality, about parliamentary elections.


Programme Sampler

At 10am on Monday, October 4th, in the courtyard of Archa Palace, the festival’s patroness: Jiřina Šiklová, will launch the Prague portion of the festival.

After the commencement, American director Michael Romanyshyn will present the Czech premiere of “Where is My Home?” The days that follow will offer a variety of theatre performances; musical, artistic, and site-specific workshops; seminars; and documentaries.  The festival welcomes such foreign artists as: the famous Hungarian director Árpád Schillink; Rimini Protokoll’s Stefan Kaegi; Australian director Bagyrana Popov; Titia Bouwmeester and Ted van Leeuwen from the Dutch company 5ekwartier;  the Peer GrouP organization’s director, Riet Mellink. Slovakia’s Theatre from the Passage will present their dance performance 3 X A, directed by Jaro Viňarský.  Czech artists like Toy_Box and Radka Dohnalová  and the beatboxer Cossiga will lead workshops.

And that’s not even close to everything.



From September 20th, participants in the festival will be able to pick up passes at the box-office of the Archa Theatre. Entrance into all of the performances and other events is free for guests, journalists and art students.

Archa Theatre Box Office:
Na Poříčí 26, Praha 1
Tel.: 221 716 333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              221 716 333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              221 716 333      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              221 716 333      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
e-mail: ticket@archatheatre.cz

The Box Office is open:
Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm and for 2 hours before the start of each performance.


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